Small payday loans in Palermo

If you live in Palermo or nearby and you need a small and fast loan to meet small needs such as buying a car or paying for a trip, this is the article you need.

 Lite lender loans in Palermo

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Let’s start by talking about the Lite lender company. Thanks to lite lender company’s small payday loans, it is possible to finance up to one hundred percent of the total cost of each requirement. Small payday loans from 1000 dollars up to a maximum of 50,000 dollars are available and the repayment to the banking institution is deferable for a maximum of 120 months.

The request for this loan in Palermo is completely free and without obligation and the outcome, whether positive or not, is immediate. This loan includes the possibility of being able to benefit from insurance coverage which includes life, sudden loss of work and accidents.

To apply for and obtain a Small payday loan with Astro it is necessary to demonstrate that you have a working income or a pension monthly. The necessary documentation to provide is extremely easy to find: An identity document (i.e. identity card, driving license or passport), a copy of your tax code, the last two payslips received or the last two payslips of the pension, latest model CUD or UNICO and finally the copy of a utility bill such as electricity, gas or water.

For further information, a toll-free number is available on the official website, an email address or you can go directly to the branch located in the city of Palermo.

Lite lender funding in Palermo

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a lite lender is a financial institution located in Palermo that grants Small payday loans to all types of target customers, such as private employees, civil servants and retirees up to 83 years of age who have a monthly emolument, the amount of which must not be less than $ 502.38 net of the transferable portion.

The peculiarities of this reduced loan in the city of Palermo and its province are a fixed rate and the installment that remains constant for the entire duration of the contract, the maximum repayment term is 120 months, the security of benefiting from life-risk insurance coverage and risk of job loss, granting it even in the presence of credit difficulties or in case of bad payers, no expense justifying and the possibility to request a free and non-binding loan estimate and advice.

To apply for funding, it is necessary to present a valid identity document, your tax code (carry the regional service card or health card), a copy of the last paycheck and non-Italian citizens at the Palermo branch a possible residence permit. The loan is paid directly by bank draft or bank transfer while the charge is made on a paycheck.

Another financial institution that deals with making Small payday loans in Palermo. For this type of financing, there is no need to declare the reasons for your request, it is available for any category of target the applicant belongs to and no other guarantee is required other than to demonstrate the continuity of income.

lite lender loans offer loans up to 50,000 dollars, provides for a repayment plan ranging from 12 to 120 months through flexible and convenient monthly installments that are previously agreed in a personalized way according to the needs and availability of the customer, there is no need to declare the reason why the customer will use the loan and the only guarantee required is that of continuity of income by simply submitting the applicant’s tax return.