Welcome to Spring Creek

Spring Creek Stewards Bobolink Logo by John Yapelli


Spring Creek Forest Preserves are undergoing the most ambitious ecological restoration project ever undertaken in Cook County.

What makes Spring Creek so special?

With 3,910 acres, it’s one of only a few preserves large enough to sustain populations of rare animals, grassland birds and a rich variety of habitats.

It’s the only Cook county site where good quality grasslands, savannas, woodlands and wetlands stand side by side. It is an irreplaceable treasure.

Spring Creek is a tranquil respite from the hustle of everyday, modern life. Here, we seek to restore the balance of nature in the preserves and in our lives.

What kind of work do the stewards do?

Volunteers stewards do a lot more than just cutting buckthorn, building brush fires or pulling weeds.

Spring Creek’s stewardship opportunities may surprise and inspire you. Take a look at the many ways you can put your talents and interests to work for nature including:

Please join us

We make it easy for you to get involved. Join us on one of our weekly events which are listed on our calendar.